Increase your yield with MYCORRHIZAE;
an effective and respectful solution for the environment

Premier Tech markets products with mycorrhizae under the brand name MYKE® PRO. Designed for horticultural and agricultural markets, these products allow you to benefit from the advantages of mycorrhizae.




Mycorrhizae form a network of filaments that associate with plant roots and draw nutrients from the soil that the root system would not be able to access otherwise. This fungi-plant alliance stimulates plant growth and development and increases tolerance to stresses.

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Mycorrhizae advantages

  • Allow plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil
  • Result a in vigorous and healthy plant
  • Accelerate rooting
  • Increase plant survival
  • Increase tolerance to drought and others stresses
  • Enhance flowering and fruiting
  • Reduce transplant shock
  • Better yields
  • Reduce erosion